Philip’s Got a Kickstarter Project! (non-food post, obviously)

Okay, I don’t think I’ve ever written a post on here that wasn’t about food in some way…so here we go.

My husband, Philip (ahem, “Phil”) quit his corporate job a little over two years ago for two reasons: (a) because he was miserably unhappy being a corporate drone; and more importantly (b) he wanted to pursue his lifelong dream of a music career (an 8-5, Monday-Friday job doesn’t really allow for too much pursuit of other interests).  He’s a singer-songwriter, and, seeing as how I’m a little partial to his music, he had my full support in this endeavor.  He released an EP (5-song CD) in December 2010…a friend from church was kind enough to engineer and mix the recording for him as well as provide backing vocals and instrumentals at no charge, and we paid for the CDs out of pocket.  He also did some touring in the last year and a half.

Now, it’s time for a full album.  Our friend has gotten more practice at engineering and mixing, and he’s going to do it again, but his time and efforts are valuable, so Philip is paying him this time around, and CDs aren’t inexpensive either, even when you buy them in bulk.  Soooooo, we can use your help in raising money for this project.

Kickstarter is a great website where musicians, upstart businesses, and the like can garner support from friends, family, fans, and total strangers to fund their projects.  It’s far less risky than taking out a loan, and it has been a huge success for many, many people.  Everyone that donates gets some sort of “kickback” from the project (you can see Philip’s on the right side of his Kickstarter page) and if the full amount isn’t raised, you are not charged.

Philip is seeking to raise $3500 to fund this project…that will cover all the costs, start to finish.  Take a look at his website,, to read more about his journey as a musician and hear some of his songs.  You can watch some videos he’s made of some of his songs-new and old-on his YouTube channel,

So, my friends, I’m asking you to take a minute to consider it.  I realize this is shameless self-preservation, but we really do need some assistance.  If you believe in his music like I do, get behind him and pledge any amount that you can to his Kickstarter project!  You can find more about the project at his Kickstarter page,  I’ve posted the video below.

Thanks for taking the time to read!


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