Local Food Project-Week 4 Meal Plan

I thought about putting this off until tomorrow, but then I thought about forward momentum. Might as well get it done while I’m already in motion. Tomorrow’s the last day of school, and I have a test on Saturday. I don’t think I’m going to want to think about much else tomorrow. Anyway, I’m going to skip the talk and move on to the food….

Day One: Potato-leek soup (skin-on red potatoes, leeks, and whole milk from Fall Creek Farms). The leftovers from this soup make a fantastic lunch!

Day Two: Spinach soufflé-spinach from Fall Creek Farms, eggs from my egg man, homemade baguette.

Day Three: Risotto with leeks from Fall Creek Farms, arugula from Crabtree Farms, and chicken stock that I made from the Creek Ridge Farm chicken I bought a few weeks ago, homemade baguette.

Day Four: Tacos made with ground beef from Creek Ridge Farm and arugula from Crabtree farms (instead of lettuce) on whole wheat tortillas made with freshly ground wheat from Sonrisa Farm., refried beans (made from leftover beans that I froze), and rice.

Day Five: French toast on homemade brioche (adapted from Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child) with bacon from Link 41, eggs from my egg man, and Fall Creek Farms milk…with real maple syrup (grade B), of course!

Day Six: Filet mignon from Brady’s Farm Direct Meats (we bought two filets for less than $8.00!) with snap peas and roasted beets from Signal Mountain Farm

Day Seven: Burgers on homemade brioche buns (do you see a brioche theme here?) and whatever sorts of veggies are left over from the week

Not too exciting, I know. Now that I’m in the home stretch for summer break, hopefully I’ll have some more exciting ideas to work with soon. Be on the lookout!


2 thoughts on “Local Food Project-Week 4 Meal Plan

  1. Brioche. Oh yeah. And soufflé and risotto and… it’s right up my alley. I think it’s very exciting. At least you don’t live off of yogurt and granola for a week or soufflé every night. For a cook my personal meals are quite rote.

    • Ha! My egg man was OUT of eggs today, so the brioche & the soufflé are on hold. Hopefully he’ll have some tomorrow. It’s funny, though….when I first got married, an “easy” meal came from a box. Now….risotto is “fast food”.

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