Teacher by day, food writer by night….my job keeps me on my toes. It’s only fitting that I channel all of the stresses of my days into my food obsession at night. I grew up on convenience foods and McDonald’s, just like the rest of my generation, but my mom is a great cook and my grandmother was too. She is my main kitchen inspiration….a lady who rolled her chocolate chip cookies into perfectly sized balls before baking them and refused to have a microwave in her home. Now, it seems that the tides are turning where food is concerned, and I’m happy to swim with the tides, making as much from scratch as possible and seeking out the best local restaurants in the Chattanooga area. People may think I’m crazy, but I’m certainly well-fed.

I live near Chattanooga, Tennessee, with my husband Philip (Phil), a musician, and my cat, Stella. And 30+ cookbooks. And lots of shoes, too.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. This site is AWESOME.I grew up in this area and Mary seems to have a nack for writing a great blog on all the local eateries. Makes me wish I still lived in the area!

  2. Hey there – stumbled across your blog today when I saw it on a Friend’s FB post (that’s the power of social media for you…). Great writing style, beautiful photography, flawlessly designed website…good for you. I’ll read eagerly and often.

  3. Since you are a Soddy girl, you need to get to Chianti in your hometown. The best pizza in Chattanooga and the best Italian in Chattanooga.

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