Local Food Project, Week 6 Meal Plan

I think I’ve just about gotten the complete and utter laziness that must accompany the first few days of summer break out of my system.  I have managed to get on the treadmill both days, go to the farmers market, and cook several meals.  I have not, however, photographed any food other than my farmers market post.  I do have a folder of spinach souffle photos waiting to be edited, a bag of cashews ready to be roasted with rosemary, and strawberries and rhubarb that are begging to be turned into a pie.  So, recipes soon.  In the meantime, here’s this week’s menu.  Note that there are some things this week that were supposed to be included in last week’s menu.  Philip has been sick since last Wednesday and has just now gotten back to the point where he feels like eating somewhat normally, so I’ve been “winging it” for the last week.  My meal plans, though, are not just about what I actually purchase at the market but about giving you ideas about how you could use the things that are in season.

Day One: Veggie Lo Mein-lo mein noodles, onions, and mushrooms from Publix (does anyone know where to get mushrooms locally?  I would be forever indebted to you if you could tell me), sugar snap peas from Signal Mountain Farm (left over from last week), chicken broth, soy sauce, sherry, sesame oil, and an egg from my egg man.

Day Two: Roasted chicken from Creekridge Farms, roasted red potatoes from Fall Creek Farms last week (I know I do a lot of potatoes, but I can’t resist the schmaltzy goodness of a potato roasted under a chicken), braised leeks from Fall Creek Farms

Day Three: Biscuits and gravy (made with freshly ground whole wheat flour from Sonrisa Farm), Link 41 bacon, and eggs from my egg man.

Day Four:  Spinach salad with boiled eggs from my egg man, Link 41 bacon, and mushrooms from Publix

Day Five: Chicken salad made from leftover roasted chicken, celery, apples, and dried cranberries from Publix, homemade whole wheat bread, sauteed pattypan squash from Colvin Family Farm

Day Six: Filet mignon purchased from Brady’s Farm Direct Meat (at St. Alban’s), mixed spring greens from Fall Creek Farms with honey-lime vinaigrette, and gratin made with eight ball squash purchased from Colvin Family Farm

Day Seven: Omelets with Parmigiano-Reggiano and vegetables left over from days 5 and 6


2 thoughts on “Local Food Project, Week 6 Meal Plan

  1. There will be mushrooms as the season wears on. Also, you can buy a shiitake log at the market and grow your own. I don’t, but you could. I get mine at Greenlife. When I get them. Which was almost never until yesterday. All that talk of eschewing mushrooms got me craving a warm mushroom salad!

    • I was wondering about that (if mushrooms would be available later). I have considered growing my own…but I am not terribly handy with growing things.

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