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A Friday List: Ten Weird Food Things About Me

A Friday List: Ten Weird Food Things About Me

I don’t have a lot of major food aversions or issues, but I do have a short list of food idiosyncrasies….. Continue reading


Farmers Market Project Week One Meal Plan

As I was walking through the farmers market yesterday afternoon, I was formulating a plan, thinking about how the things that I could get there at the market would work together to make meals and what I had in the pantry that could help me create complete meals. After I got home, I thought through it all and it turns out that between the market and my pantry, I had pretty much everything I needed for a weeks worth of meals, aside from milk. Continue reading

Farmers Market Revelations

My brain started churning when I left the farmers market and I realized that I could almost do my grocery shopping at the farmers markets. So, look out for Chattavore to be hitting the farmers markets hard and hopefully producing some meal plans to help my fellow Chattanoogans purchase more local products as well. Help me support local food!
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Moving Right Along

I did not start this blog as a hobby. I started this blog because I like to cook, eat, and write. Well, in January 2011, when I purchased the domain name, I liked to cook, eat, and write. Now I can add photography to the list of things I like to do. Anyway, I … Continue reading