Main Street Farmers Market, May 23, 2012

Ah, freedom!  Summer break is finally here, and I definitely enjoyed getting to the market the second it opened (actually, several minutes early, although you can’t actually purchase anything until 4 p.m.)…..although it didn’t seem quite as crowded as usual.  The heat, perhaps?  Anyway, I was meeting a friend and beat her there, so I walked around and scoped all the stalls ahead of time.  Several booths had squashes, and I was oh so excited.  We meant to get our square foot garden up and running again this year, but it didn’t happen.  Last time we got so much zucchini, so I guess I’ll have to make it up at the market this year!  Here’s what I got:

Colvin Family Farm: Pattypan and eightball squashes ($1.25 for all of this!).


Fall Creek Farms: Leeks ($1.00 each), spinach ($3.00), mixed spring lettuces ($3.00), and milk.


Link 41: Bacon! ($7.00)


Williams Island Farm: Totsoi ($1.00) and garlic scapes ($1.00). The lady at the stall told me that totsoi is an Asian green and the flavor is similar to spinach. Garlic scapes are the stems of the garlic that sprout up through the ground when garlic is growing. The flavor is said to be similar to….garlic. Go figure.


Velo Coffee Roasters: Whole bean Rwandan coffee-roasted today! ($12.00) I’m a sucker for a good coffee experience, especially a dark-roasted coffee experience….


Creekridge Farm: A chicken ($13.00).  I forgot to take a picture…’s one I bought last month.


Oh, and I got a new market basket today!  $9.99 at Target and perfect for carrying my jars of milk.


Meal plan tomorrow! I will also be getting back into the recipe groove. Philip was sick last weekend so we didn’t get to do a restaurant review….so I will have another one very soon! And last but not least, now that I have lots of time on my hand, Chattavore will be getting a new look as I switch from to!


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