Main Street Farmers Market-May 16. 2012

Late post tonight-it’s been a crazy busy week, and the light at the end of the tunnel still seems pretty far away….but, it’s the last week of school, and next week farmers market day will be a little less hectic for me.  I’m looking forward to pretty much unhindered time to work on my blog.  Anyway…I’ll try to get my menu posted tomorrow (but it could be Friday), and here’s how I made out at the market today.

Signal Mountain Farm: Beets ($3.00) and snap peas (also $3.00)


Crabtree Farm: Arugula ($4.00/bag)


Fall Creek Farms: A huge pile of red potatoes ($3.00 for 15), four leeks ($1.00/each), a bag of spinach ($3.00), and my milk (paid for at the beginning of the month).


Creek Ridge Farm: grass-fed ground beef ($4.50/lb-this package was $6.00)


Link 41: Bacon, of course! ($8.00 for a .80/lb package). As a side note….Philip and I went to the Link 41 store last week. We bought bacon (since they had run out at the Wednesday market) and baconage. That’s bacon + sausage, and it = wonderful. We made gravy out of it. I highly recommend that you try it. (By the way, the bacon in the photo is not the bacon I purchased today.)


I’ve got quite a few menu ideas running through my mind. I also have a couple of filet mignons that I bought from Brady’s Farm Direct Meats at St. Alban’s on Saturday, so I will likely incorporate that into this week’s meal plan. I’ll get it up ASAP!


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