Main Street Farmers Market, May 9, 2012

Don’t expect much from me today.  I’ve overextended….okay, hyperextended myself, what with work and school and blogging and, you know, trying to actually give attention to the actual people and animals that live in my house and/or are part of my family.  It’s daunting, and being the Type A perfectionist classic oldest child that I am, I try and try and try to keep up with it all until I just can’t do it anymore.  Oh, and to top that off, I nearly found out how well the infamous steel cage technology of my Volvo actually works today when a lady almost took out my driver’s side on Hixson Pike.  Not my day.  I was not in the mood to deal with heat or crowds or lines this afternoon, plus I still have food leftover from last week.  So, I did not get a great deal at market today, and I won’t be doing a meal plan tomorrow (although I will supplement with a recipe-I promise!).  St. Alban’s starts their warm weather market hours Saturday, so I do plan to go there and hopefully will find some goodies there.  Depending on what I get I may do a St. Alban’s meal plan, or at least a half meal plan.

Here’s what I got this week:

Fall Creek Farms: A gallon of raw milk.  That’s all.  Shocking, I know, since I usually throw money at them like I have pockets full of the stuff.  Okay, maybe not THAT much.  Long line!  They’ve got great produce.

Rising Fawn Gardens:A pound of yellow wax beans ($4.00) and a beautiful bunch of radishes ($1.00).  I just love how the radishes are so many different colors, not just the single note red ones that are all the same shapes and size like you get at the grocery store.

Sonrisa Farm: 6 pounds of wheat berries ($3.00).  Sonrisa was at the market the first week that I went and I didn’t purchase anything from them, then I kicked myself repeatedly for failing to do so, since they are only there about once a month.  I got a grain mill a couple of weeks ago and am eager to mill some local flour!

Link 41 was out of bacon, by the way.  When the guy told me, I fell on the ground kicking and screaming and crying like a two-year-old.  Okay, so that’s exaggeration, but that’s what inner me did.  He tried to offer me a consolation prize of bacon-liver sausage, but we don’t really do organ meats around here.  Guess I’ll be getting some grocery store bacon this week unless I can make it to Link 41 while their store front is open.  Tear.

Sorry for the brevity.  Gotta give yourself a break sometime.  Recipe tomorrow!  I’m going to go cook pasta now….


2 thoughts on “Main Street Farmers Market, May 9, 2012

  1. How are you guys liking the raw milk? I’m curious, but since we only go through about 1/2 gallon every two weeks I’ve not looked much into it. We do buy from a local dairy…. it’s not homogenized, so we get a bit of cream we have to mix into it… but nothing like raw would be. I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of churning our own butter… just not sure if I’m really up for it or not though.
    Oh, and we have radishes in our “garden”…. they are mostly the same color, but the variety of shapes is interesting for sure!

    • Wow-half a gallon every 2 weeks???? That’s nuts. The 2 of us go through a gallon a week….at least. Of course, that’s cereal, hot chocolate, coffee, & cooking. We really like the raw milk!

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