Local Food Project, Week 4 Meal Plan

Why am I having writer’s block right now? I think it’s the quickly approaching summer break from my teaching job…there’s so much to do to tie up the loose ends in my classroom before I move on to relaxation then on to my new job in the fall. Add a freshly started online class on top of that…and you have one tired blogger. I’m going to keep chugging through, though, because that’s what I do. So, here’s my week 4 meal plan. Keep in mind that this is not necessarily indicative of what I am going to cook this week since I have lots of stuff going on and don’t plan to cook every night (for example, tonight I scarfed down a ridiculously large and messy grilled cheese sandwich from Armando’s Chester Frost. We’ll call it research.). However, this is based on what I purchased at the market. One note, though…Wordpress tells me how many clicks I get on each link on my blog. My printable meal plans have not been clicked on. At all. These take me a long time, so unless I start getting requests for them, I am going to discontinue these!

Day One: Roasted red pepper cheese (made with homemade mayo) and Link 41 bacon sandwich on homemade sandwich bread with Asian greens from Rising Fawn Gardens and broccoli purchased from Fall Creek Farms last week, homemade ranch dressing with green onions purchased from Fall Creek Farms (these have been languishing in my fridge forever!) and parsley from my front yard.

Day Two: Grilled pork chops using Hoe Hop Valley Farms pork chops with simple salt & pepper seasoning, smashed red potatoes from Fall Creek Farms with garlic, butter, and Parmigiano-Reggiano, and salad with tAnt Hill Farm red butterhead lettuce, Rising Fawn Gardens radishes, and white wine vinaigrette.

Day Three: Corn Cakes (cornmeal pancakes) made with cornmeal from Riverview Farms, Link 41 bacon, eggs from Hoe Hop Valley Farm, and Tidwell’s Berry Farm strawberries.

Day Four: Risotto with Asian greens and young onions from Circle S Farm served with homemade whole wheat baguette.

Day Five: Pizza on homemade pizza dough with pesto made with sorrel from Rising Fawn Gardens instead of basil (I actually use spinach in place of basil as my standard pesto; I got the idea to use sorrel from the blog {local milk}, which features a pesto made from sorrel and garlic scapes. If I had any garlic scapes I’d make her recipe, but since I don’t, I’ll make my recipe just subbing in sorrel for the greens…I’ll try to post my recipe soon with either spinach or sorrel), caramelized young onions from Circle S Farm, and homemade mozzarella made with raw cow’s milk from Fall Creek Farms.

Day Six: Spinach bisque made from spinach purchased from Rising Fawn Gardens, served with whole wheat baguette and mixed green salad.

Day Seven: Homemade fettucine served with cream sauce made by combining homemade alfredo with leftover sorrel pesto from day five.

On a semi-related note, I have 4 quarts of strawberries on my kitchen table that I plan to turn into jam tomorrow or Saturday. As I have never canned before, this should definitely be an adventure. It’s something that I’ve wanted to learn to do for a long time (right up there with sewing my own clothes) so I’m pretty excited. I plan on photographing the process to share here!


6 thoughts on “Local Food Project, Week 4 Meal Plan

  1. Where is this printable meal plan? (and yes, apparently I’m your blog stalker because I seem to make more comments than anyone else!) I’ve looked at your meal plan blogs & referenced the recipes that are linked, but I don’t see a printable version. Not sure if I’d print it,though, because I usually just pull the computer up instead of using paper. :o)

    • You are INDEED my top commentor with 16 comments as compared to my friend Tiffany, who comes in second with 9 comments πŸ™‚ That’s okay, I appreciate you reading! As for the meal plan….I didn’t do one for this week but there was one for the last two weeks. They seriously take me an hour or more to do, so if no one is going to even pull them up to reference it isn’t worth my time (just something I was experimenting with anyway!).

      • I guess I live vicariously through your blog. πŸ™‚

        Found the printable one, which looks great, btw, but I honestly don’t see myself actually printing it out. You have the same information in the blog, with links to recipes, so that would be (and is) my go-to when I’m perusing & trying to figure out my list for the week. (Which is the bane of my existence… I ABHOR meal planning.)

      • If I was a good networker and thought I could actually find people who would pay me to do this, I would be a professional meal planner/shopper. While it’s a pain during the school year when I have a million other things to do, during the summer I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing meal plans and shopping for them. I missed my calling as a chef, but I guess everything happens for a reason. I WILL figure out how to do something food-related for a living πŸ™‚

  2. Your menus are so much fancier and more appetizing than mine ever end up…I guess that is because you make a PLAN, and I just do whatever strikes me at the moment πŸ™‚ I’m going to have to try the corn cakes. I’ve been enjoying a bowl of polenta from Riverview every morning for breakfast. Good stuff!

    • I am an uber-meal-planner. That’s the one thing that has made this whole thing so challenging for me…I am accustomed to laying it all out ahead of time. Anyway, that’s the purpose of these plans….to give others ideas as they go to the farmers market and see some of the things I bought πŸ™‚ Hmm, polenta for breakfast…never thought of that (not sure why, since polenta and grits are basically the same animal…). May have to try!

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