Homemade Glazed Doughnuts (Yep! They Were as Good as They Looked.)

I’m short on time tonight after a planning meeting for Food Revolution Day, Chattanooga style.  No biggie….I’ve been meaning to post these doughnut photos.  This isn’t my recipe, and the only thing I did to “make it my own” was use white whole wheat flour (of course!) instead of AP…so if you want the recipe, feel free to visit http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2010/02/homemade-glazed-doughnuts/ and check it out.  They’re actually pretty easy, and totally worth the effort.  I decided to make these after our visit to Julie Darling Doughnuts….just a curiousity, really, but they were so good and so simple that I will definitely be making them again.  As soon as possible.


Yeast + milk....


Dry ingredients


Eggs + Butter


Dough....refrigerated overnight.


We don't need no stinking doughnut cutter! Biscuit cutter + stretching a hole in the middle. And enough leftover dough for a few, um, doughnut "holes"...


Post-rise doughnuts


And after their bath in the deep-fat spa....


Powdered sugar + vanilla + milk + doughnut = Mmmmm.


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