Eat at Good Dog (Again)!-April 14, 2012

Ugh. Lack of planning is going to be the death of me. Sunday we were supposed to have cream of broccoli soup for lunch, and I completely forgot to put the chicken carcass from the freezer to the Crock-pot to make chicken broth. Not wanting to buy broth at the grocery store, we decided to go “out” to eat, something that we rarely do on Sunday afternoons. After wracking our brains for several minutes, it dawned on me: Good Dog. Re-blog!

It was much more crowded on this Sunday afternoon than when we visited on a Saturday evening in November. We waited in line for several minutes, which gave us plenty of time to decide what we were going to order…not that I needed several minutes. The last time that we were here, the BLT dog was not on the menu, so my eyes went straight there and didn’t leave. BLT dog it is (was?). Philip decided on the NY Street Cart dog, and, of course, we got frites.

We waited a little while since there were so many people in the restaurant. Seriously-I was a little nervous we weren’t going to find a table! We decided to sit at the “bar” area in front of the kitchen, and I snapped a few pictures of the restaurant:

Condiment Gallery = Yea! I love frites sauce!


From where we were sitting, we had a great view of the grill area (and the dog dust, honey mustard, and curry, wasabi, and regular ketchup).


The one disadvantage to sitting at the “bar” was the lack of the little hole to set the frites into! Just like last time, the frites were delicious….perfectly fried, not too crispy, not soggy, skin on. There was an employee in the back prepping fries-I could see her putting the potatoes into the fry cutter (I gotta get one of those!). I am assuming that they do a “first fry” back there to get some of the starch and moisture out of the potatoes. She then brought the baskets out and put them in a stacker to wait for the final fry. I know that some of you bristle at the idea of dipping your fries in “frittesaus”, which is a mayo-like condiment…but wow, this stuff is so not weird.


I loved my BLT dog….lovely grilled hot dog, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, crumbled freshly cooked bacon, and frites sauce. Like I mentioned before, I could eat one of these dogs plain (I usually despise hot dogs). I was watching them press the dogs just a little bit on the grill, and they get nice and browned. No boiled dogs here! The bun was soft and the produce very crisp and fresh. The bacon was a perfect finishing touch….but I do think I liked the pimento cheese dog better.


The NY Street Cart dog has Bertman’s Brown mustard, onion sauce, and sauerkraut. Pretty basic dog, again with stinky-foot-smelling sauerkraut. Oh, sauerkraut, I kid, I kid! I tasted it and it really did taste good. If you’ll remember, last time we went to Good Dog Philip got a brat, and he was quite happy with his first “true” Good Dog hot dog.


They had red velvet and vanilla cupcakes. I almost ordered one but talked myself out of it…I’m trying to cut back on the sugar, and I knew there would be dessert at my parents’ house (banana splits with homemade chocolate sauce made by yours truly!)…one of these days I’m going to get one of these gigantic beauties!

So, to sum it up….this is still a great place to get a good (great!) dog. It’s worth the trip downtown. This is no convenience store dog. So, as this sign says…..


Good Dog is located at 34 Frazier Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37405. You can call them at 423-475-6175. You can “like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Check out their website,

Good Dog on Urbanspoon


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