Main Street Farmers Market, April 18, 2012-Printable Meal Plan Included!

Back from the market. I went early today and discovered two things: (a) there are a lot more people there at 4:30 than there are at 5:00; and (b) there are a lot more products available too!

I had actually intended to look at the list of items that were going to be available this week and plan a tentative list or at least a tentative meal plan, but, alas, it didn’t happen. So, I went in flying by the seat of my pants, and I think I did all right. Here’s what I got:

From Link 41, .85 lb. bacon (duh-I am sure this will be a weekly purchase!), for which I paid $8.50.


From Hoe Hop Valley Farm, a package of mild breakfast sausage, which cost $8.00.


From Tant Hill Farm, a head of oak leaf lettuce ($3.00). I’d never heard of oak leaf lettuce! It’s so pretty….


From Fall Creek Farms, my usual haul of veggies: a head of cauliflower, two sweet potatoes, a bunch of green onions, four red potatoes, and twenty Brussels sprouts….$8.50 for the lot. I always feel just a little bit bad for not “spreading the love” around a little bit more, but they have such a great variety! I could have bought more, but I don’t want to run the risk of buying more than we can eat in a week.


And, finally, my big ticket item of the week: a whole chicken from Creekridge Farm. This baby cost $16.00, which is more than I have ever paid for a chicken…and I have been buying the “expensive” chickens from the grocery store for years. I’m willing to bet it’s going to taste better than any chicken I’ve ever eaten, though. I have to keep reminding myself of the amazing quality of this food and also how much it benefits the local economy when you are buying direct. And this chicken was processed yesterday. Yesterday! I can’t wait to cook it. (Sorry, there’s just no way to make a shrink-wrapped chicken look appealing!)


I picked up some strawberries from a roadside stand that Tidwell Farm from Spring City had near my house yesterday. I will visit my egg guy tomorrow or Friday to stock up, and I plan on visiting the truck from Brady’s Farm Direct Meats at the St. Alban’s Market to get some beef on Saturday. I’m also hoping he’ll be able to hook me up with some back fat or leaf lard so I can render my own lard!!

I got behind a couple of days on last week’s meal plan (that’s what happens when you forget to put things in the Crock-pot in the morning-twice!) so we are having our spicy pork shoulder tonight and the tacos I was planning to make with the leftovers tomorrow. So, here’s my plan for the rest of the week:

Day One: Roasted chicken with roasted red potatoes and salad with honey vinaigrette

Day Two: (breakfast) My Grandmother’s Egg Souffle, biscuit cinnamon rolls, and strawberries

Day Three: Chicken salad sandwiches and cauliflower salad

Day Four: Leftover Egg Souffle, hash browns

Day Five: Sweet potato, Brussel sprouts, and bacon hash with a fried egg over the top.

Print This Meal Plan-Word Doc!

Print This Meal Plan-PDF! (hyperlinks do not work)


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