Farmers Market Project Week One Meal Plan

Wow, that was a pretty dry, boring name, right?  I couldn’t think of a way to jazz it up.  Oh well, it’s all about content, right?

As I was walking through the farmers market yesterday afternoon, I was formulating a plan, thinking about how the things that I could get there at the market would work together to make meals and what I had in the pantry that could help me create complete meals.  After I got home, I thought through it all and it turns out that between the market and my pantry, I had pretty much everything I needed for a weeks worth of meals, aside from milk.  Like I said in yesterday’s post, I am not limiting myself to only local items.  If I need something from the grocery store, I’ll buy it.  Also, again, this is mainly a dinner menu plan and there is only one meal planned per day.

I guess I should start this with a disclaimer….we don’t subscribe to any specific diet or lifestyle.  We pretty much just try to eat “real food”-as little processed food as possible.  You’ll see meat, bread, potatoes, dairy, sugar, etc., here.  Just warning you ahead of time!

Day One

Bacon sandwiches on whole wheat sandwich bread with bacon from Link 41 and lettuce from Fall Creek Farms, homemade potato chips

Day Two

Potato-leek pizza on homemade whole wheat pizza dough with leeks and red potatoes from Fall Creek Farms, Cumberland Cheese from Sequatchie Cove Creamery, Boursin cheese, and Applegate Farm bacon (Boursin and bacon purchased at Publix-already in the fridge); Caesar salad with mixed lettuce and Brussels sprout “chips” (lettuce and sprouts from Fall Creek Farms-I got them last week), homemade dressing, and bacon (Applegate Farm) (Caesar salad recipe coming tomorrow)

Day Three

Leftover pizza (warm pizza at 400 degrees for 10 minutes on a preheated pan); spinach salad with spinach from Fall Creek Farms, Applegate Farm bacon, and boiled eggs from my egg man (he lives a couple of miles away)

Day Four

Homemade breakfast: Whole-wheat biscuits, gravy, Link 41 bacon, fried eggs (from the egg man), and freshly squeezed orange juice (we’ll have a late lunch out so I can do a restaurant review)

Day Five

Lunch: Cream of broccoli soup with broccoli from-guess where?-Fall Creek Farms, Swiss-Parmesan toast on whole-wheat bread (we’ll have dinner at my parents’ house)

Day Six

Spicy shredded pork made with pork shoulder from Sequatchie Cove-I make it in the Crock-Pot instead of the oven; breakfast potatoes

Day Seven

Pork tacos made with leftover pork from Tuesday, shredded cheddar or pepper-jack cheese (already in the fridge), and Chinese cabbage from Fall Creek Farms on homemade corn tortillas; black beans cooked in the Crock-Pot

On a side note….we went to Publix tonight and saw flavored apples.  Now, I know Grapples (grape-flavored apples, pronounced “grape-els”) have been around for several years, but we saw bubble gum, tropical blast, and pomegranate-grape apples in the produce section.  As Philip put it…apples already have a flavor: APPLE.  Wow.


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