60/40 Burgers

Let me go ahead and put this out here: this is NOT a healthy recipe.  It is, in fact, a recipe that will make many of you cringe with fear of fat and calories.  Let me tell you, I don’t live my life in fear of fat and calories.  I believe in moderation, and this is a once in a while (like once every five years) recipe.  It’s delicious, and it’s worth a rare trip totally overboard.

All right, let’s see if you can guess what 60/40 means.  Let me give you a hint: it’s (approximately) 60% ground beef, 40% something else.  Any clues?  Anyone?  Here, I’ll give you a hint…..


Yep, that’s bacon. Glorious bacon. I was craving a burger…then I thought about bacon on my burger…then I thought, “Why not grind the bacon into the burger?!?” So I did it. And I ate it. And I didn’t feel guilty about it!

I started with an eight-ounce pack of bacon and a nine-ounce piece of top round steak (not the “ideal” cut of meat for a burger, but the bacon certainly makes up for the fat). I cut them into chunks and placed them in the freezer for about fifteen minutes to prep it for the grinder. I then fed it into the grinder, alternating the bacon with the beef. Once the meat was completely ground, I divided it in half and shaped it into patties.




Next, I preheated my cast iron griddle over medium heat. I seasoned the burgers with seasoned salt and cooked the burgers for about five or six minutes per side. Let me warn you, this cooks more like bacon than a burger….so stand back. The bacon got wonderfully crispy on the edges. Once it was fully cooked, I melted cheddar cheese on top. To really steam and melt the cheese, I put my cast iron skillet over the burgers for a couple of minutes after adding the cheese.





While the burgers were cooking, I cooked two eggs over medium and cut two bakery buns in half and spread them with mayo and yellow mustard. I didn’t really think that veggies would make sense on this burger…so I left them off. I put the burgers on the buns, topped with the eggs, and there you go-the most delicious unhealthy burger you ever had. Or the best bacon cheeseburger you ever had. I cannot describe the drippy, bacon-y saltiness….but I ate my entire gigantic burger and didn’t regret one bite. If you are craving something really sinful…go for it (oh, and if you don’t have a grinder, just use store-bought ground beef and mix in bacon that you have chopped finely with a knife or in your food processor)!


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