Happy Pi Day-Celebrate with a Buttermilk Pie!

I’ve been baking tons of pie lately, at least in relation to my pie-baking behavior prior to February. I’ve made multiple buttermilk pies, a peanut-butter chocolate chip cookie pie, and a Bakewell pie (which was supposed to be the traditional British Bakewell tart, but my tart pan was too big for the recipe…so it became a Bakewell pie).

Why all the pie? Well….I’m gonna tell you a secret. I’m entertaining the idea of selling pies. On a small scale at first, maybe at a farmers’ market…but who knows where it could go? I’m still in the thinking stages right now, but I figure if I’m even entertaining the idea of selling pies to people, I better get pretty darned good at baking pies! So…I’ve been baking pies like mad, comparing recipes so that I can find what I like and don’t like about each and tweak them to make them my own.

This was my first buttermilk pie. In fact, I’d never even tasted buttermilk pie prior to making this one. It won’t be my last. I found this recipe at http://homesicktexan.blogspot.com. Since it’s her recipe, I’m going to let you read her blog to get the details…but I hope you enjoy the photos of this lovely pie.

Buttermilk pie is a lot like chess pie, in my opinion. We enjoyed it, although we did find it to be very sweet. The second recipe I tried used 2/3 cup less sugar, and I found the sweetness to be less cloying. This recipe doesn’t have lemon, and the next recipe I tried does. I like the lemon, Philip prefers it without. I’ll probably make both. Once I perfect my own version, I’ll share it with you-perhaps in more ways than one! Happy Pi Day!

I used my favorite pie crust recipe, of course.


You blind bake the crust, which means that you partially bake it without the filling. First I lined the crust with aluminum foil, then filled it with beads. Yes, beads. Most people use pie weights (or a pie chain) or dried beans, but I had a ton of beads someone gave me and was struck with the idea to use them as pie weights one night when I needed some…and didn’t have any.


There’s a whole lot of sugar in this recipe! You cream it with butter and a little flour and cornmeal.


Naturally, there’s buttermilk….


…and eggs.



Fill the crust and bake it!






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