Corn & Cheese Chowder-Thanks for the Idea, Tiffany!

Last week, my friend Tiffany posted on Facebook that she was making corn and cheese chowder from Pioneer Woman’s website.  You know me….I’m a huge fan of PW, and the chowder sounded delicious, so I decided to whip up a pot of it for dinner tonight.  Since I am trying my best to practice my photography as often as possible, I documented the progress.  And, since it was stormy, it gave me an opportunity to work on lighting.  For more detailed directions, see Pioneer Woman’s original recipe.  By the way, I halved the recipe.

I started out by dicing up half an onion, two slices of bacon, and a gigantic red pepper.  Did you know that this is the easiest way to cut up a pepper?  Just slice the sides away from the core, and the seeds stay with the core.  By the way, if you want to store a portion of the pepper, leave the seeds in it.   It will stay fresh much longer with the core and seeds than without.  I melted two tablespoons of butter in a pot over medium-high heat then sauteed the onions for about two minutes.  The bacon went into the pan to cook for a minute, then the red pepper to cook for two minutes more. I used frozen corn-about 2 cups-but you can use fresh. I added the corn to the pot and cooked it for another minute (I thawed it before using it).





After all of the veggies cooked for a while, I sprinkled two tablespoons of flour over the mixture and stirred it all together, then added a cup and a half of chicken broth (this is homemade) and cooked it for about 4 minutes, until it thickened up a little. I lowered the heat to low and added a cup of half and half. After adding the half and half, I clamped on the lid and cooked it for fifteen minutes. I love this Dutch oven! For a long time I wanted a Le Creuset French oven….they seem to be “the thing” for all of the TV chefs….but then I discovered that Lodge made an enameled cast iron Dutch oven. The Lodge factory is only about an hour away from where I live, and this 6-quart Dutch oven is a fraction of the price of the same size pot from Le Creuset. Support local business!





While the soup was simmering, I chopped up a couple of green onions. Philip grated a big pile of cheese…some monterey jack and some pepper jack. After the fifteen minutes were up, we stirred both into the soup and salted and peppered to taste.




I topped the soup with sour cream, and we ate them with these delicious tortilla chips that Philip bought when he and a friend went to Delia’s for lunch today (I’m so jealous!). The soup was delicious, and there was enough left over for my lunch tomorrow. I also thought it would have been great with seasoned (with taco seasoning) ground beef stirred in. Yum!



2 thoughts on “Corn & Cheese Chowder-Thanks for the Idea, Tiffany!

  1. I am always looking for new ideas and this looks and sounds delicious!! I also blog about food “rezichfamilykitchen” and look everywhere for inspiration on what to make each week. This is definitely going on our menu for next week!! Thanks for sharing!

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