Sweet Chicks of Chattanooga-Cake Pops for Avery

Have you ever had a cake pop? If you’ve spent any time with me, I know you’ve had a cake ball.

As the Sweet Chicks of Chattanooga website puts it, “Imagine all the yummy goodness of a cupcake hand rolled into a ball, dipped in candy coating and served on a stick. They are portable, customizable and completely mess free.” That’s a pretty good way to sum it up. It’s cake and icing rolled into shapes of all sorts, dipped in chocolate, and served up on a stick. It’s perfect for all occasions, too-birthdays, holidays, weddings, showers, and for no good reason whatsoever other than just wanting to eat a cake pop! Here’s an example:

Cute, huh? Delicious, too. Try one. You’ll love it!

Anyway….Sweet Chicks of Chattanooga is the home-based business of my friend Beth. Beth is making cake pops to help her and her husband Ricky raise money to adopt a baby from China. As you are probably aware, this is not an inexpensive undertaking, but they felt that this was their calling, and Beth was inspired by the story of Moses in Exodus 4 to use the gifts that God has given her to help them reach this goal. You can read their whole story at http://www.cakepopsforavery.blogspot.com. She tells her story much better than I do!

I am going to share some more pictures of the work that the Sweet Chicks do, but I encourage you to check out their website, http://sweetchicksofchattanooga.yolasite.com for more information about flavors, designs, pricing, and contact information. Oh, and like them on Facebook! Help Beth and Ricky bring Avery home! And check out some of her handiwork below!

Angry Birds cake pops!

Owl Pops for all the Chi-Os out there!

Holiday Gift Set

They do cake balls, too!

And here


Beth & Ricky!


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