Future Food Stylist?

Okay, I have about 5 or 6 new posts in the works but I couldn’t resist a post about my new Nikon D3100 DSLR camera.  I am so very, very excited about it….I have wanted an SLR for quite some time now.  I am just learning how to use it, to make it worth my while so that I won’t be taking snapshots that are no better than what I could take with my point & shoot.  Here’s my camera:

I bought a lighting kit and I have ordered a book on food styling and photography.  I spent a few minutes last night playing around with the camera, one of the lights, and the 50mm lens I bought.  Here are the pictures I came up with:

Not food (and taken with the flash, not the light):


I have a long way to go, obviously.  This was using the automatic close-up setting on my camera; I have no clue how to use the professional settings yet.  Plus, there is a learning curve with learning to use the editing software we bought (Photoshop Elements 9) so the only editing I did with these was cropping.  Still, I am very eager to learn.  I keep telling Philip I am going to become the premier food stylist and photographer for the Chattanooga area.  All the local restaurants will come to me to make the food for their ads look beautiful.  I’m pretty sure that he thinks I am mildly insane, but hey, a girl can dream!


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