Looking for Suggestions!

Here at Chattavore, I am always trying to think of new things to blog about.  I want to keep my posts to things that people may find interesting…I’d love to encourage someone to try something new (like cheese-making!) but you won’t see me cooking tripe or anything weird like that.  I try to blog about the things that are already on my menu and the local restaurants that I love or have been dying to try.  That said, if anyone has any recipes that they are dying to decipher, let me know and maybe I can help you out!  If you have anything that you really want to know how to cook but you aren’t quite adventurous enough to figure it out on your own….or maybe you’d just like to see it in pictures…let me know!  Also, new restaurant suggestions in the Chattanooga and surrounding area (including N. Georgia, Bradley, Rhea, and even Sequatchie Counties) are welcome.  I have a 3 page (3 columns each!) list….but that’s not to say I didn’t leave something off!  So, if you have a suggestion, leave me a comment.

Also, I am excited to say that I just got a much better camera and am waiting on a lighting kit and 50 mm lens to arrive today.  I’ll also be purchasing a book on food styling and photography….so hopefully I’ll be able to put all of these resources together to figure out how to really take some great pictures of the food I cook!


One thought on “Looking for Suggestions!

  1. My first comment is to keep it up! I would like any random kitchen tips, or when you find a kitchen tool for a good price. Love your recipes! You should critique Tbones downtown. I haven’t been there in over a decade, but still here people talking about it. I think it is mainly a wings place.

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