Typhoon of Tokyo-June 16, 2011

When Philip and I were first dating, he lived in an apartment off of Mountain Creek Road in Red Bank.  When I revealed to him that I had never seen the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, he was pretty much beside himself and insisted that we plan a date night in which we would get dinner from Typhoon of Tokyo, a restaurant of which I had never heard, and watch the movie, which, of course, he owned.  Naturally, I loved both immediately!    Once we got married, we actually lived in that same apartment complex for the first year.  I miss three things about apartment living: 1) no yardwork; 2) weekly trash pick-up that consisted of putting the trash outside the door of the apartment; 3) close proximity to Typhoon of Tokyo.

Sadly, for many years we rarely got to go there because they were a cash-only establishment, but the last time that we went, we discovered that they had rocketed into the 20th century (not the 21st century, because everyone else was taking cards in the nineties) and were finally accepting credit and debit cards.  Now we can go there whenever we want!  Now, there are so many other restaurants that we want to review, and it’s not exactly nearby, so we don’t go there constantly, but we have been twice in the last 3 months, and unless you’re Chick-fil-a, you’re not likely to see us in your restaurant that frequently.  When we set out to find a restaurant to review on Thursday, we knew that we wanted to stay away from downtown (which we avoid at lunchtime on weekdays) and Philip happened to think about Typhoon….great idea!

It was right at noon when we got there, and I have to say that Typhoon of Tokyo is probably just as popular as any place downtown on a weekday lunch hour!  It was packed out, with two tables for eight open, one table for four, which I grabbed while Philip ordered, and no booths.  Large groups were coming in, obviously from local offices, and people were also coming in to pick up to-go orders.  This place is popular!

When you walk in to Typhoon, there is a seating area the size of your average fast-food restaurant (the building used to be a Bojangle’s) and you walk up to the counter to order.  Once you have paid, the server (usually there is only one server, and somehow they manage to keep up with it all!) brings you your drink and each person at the table gets a little bowl of an amazing beige-ish sauce that they call honey mustard, but it is so much more than honey mustard.  If anyone has cracked the recipe code for this sauce, please let me know!  It’s SO good, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what’s in it!  It usually takes about ten minutes to get your food.

Now, this is one of those places where I always say to myself before I eat there that I am going to get something different from what I have gotten every other time….but when I get there I always order the same thing.  I have never ordered anything different there!  Never.  Their small chicken dinner is so good, I can’t quite bring myself to try anything else-although I am sure that everything else on the menu is just as good!  The “small” chicken dinner consists of a dinner-sized plate, half full of very yummy fried rice, half full of teriyaki chicken mixed with mushrooms, zucchini, and onions.  I always add just a little bit of soy sauce to the rice, then I sort of pick at the rice while I eat the chicken and veggies with the sauce.  Once I make my way through the chicken/veg mixture, I pour the remainder of the sauce over the rice and finish it off.  Now, I have a rule that when I eat out I have to leave something on my plate when I eat out….so I left about 3 bites.  It’s something.  It counts.

Two chicken dinners with water to drink cost $13.25, including tip.  The menu items all fall into this price range (I think the actual price on the small chicken dinner is $6.25) with the larger meals costing a dollar or two more.  It’s tasty, quick, and consistent-the chicken dinner is exactly the same now as it was in 1999 when I first started eating there.  It’s also a great take-out option.  I highly recommend it!

Typhoon of Tokyo is located at 3953 Dayton Blvd., Red Bank (Chattanooga), TN 37415.  Their phone number is 423-875-6142.  They are open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner.  I forgot to check specific hours (I’m still new at this!) and couldn’t find them online anywhere (they don’t have a website).

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2 thoughts on “Typhoon of Tokyo-June 16, 2011

  1. I LOVE that you reviewed Typhoon!! I’m a small steak dinner kind of girl myself. I went to Baylor, and this was my staple “I’m coming home from college: where must I eat” place. I can’t tell you how many times I *gladly* paid the $2 to use the ATM across the street.

    I moved back to Chattanooga a little over a year ago, but on the other side of town, so I don’t get to eat there enough…but you may have inspired me to make a trip soon though.

  2. We feel the same way….it’s not clear on the other side of town, but not close enough to eat there very often…still, I LOVE that place!

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